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CoEd Varsity Swimming - Diving Itineraries.

For AWAY Meets, please familiarize yourself with the Travel Procedures

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Diving - Friday, January 19 at Dobyns-Bennett High School

TBA                  Divers leave Freedom Hall Pool

3:30 PM            Diving warm-ups begin

5:45 PM            Coaches Meeting

6:00 PM            Diving competition begins

after diving       Return to FHP

(NOTE: Divers are welcome and encouraged to attend the swimming finals on Saturday to be part of the celebration!)

Swimming - Saturday, January 20 at the Kingsport Aquatic Center

6:31 AM            Swimmers load buses at Freedom Hall Pool - Check in with Coach Fillers

6:40 AM            Leave FHP

7:20 AM            Arrive at Kingsport Aquatic Center - set up in team area, change, prepare for warm ups

7:40 AM            Team stretching - Captains lead

8:00 AM            Team Meeting

8:10 AM            Get ready behind blocks - Lanes 1-7 in shallow end

8:15 AM            General Warm ups begin - Lanes 1-7 in shallow end

8:45 AM            General warm-ups end - Starts in deep end

9:05 AM            Coaches Meeting

9:15 AM            Preliminary swimming session begins

                        After your last event in the prelims, do a good loosen down, get changed, and then                                 support your teammates

after prelims      Leave pool. Lunch and rest at the Heart Center              

4:00 PM            Leave for Pool to swim fast in Finals!

4:30 PM            Stretch as a team

4:45 PM            In pool for warm-ups - Open warm ups

5:30 PM            Warm-ups over

5:45 PM            Finals begin

after meet         Awards, change, Team, Johnson City

after dinner       Return to FHP


Directions:  Take I-26 North to Exit 3 (Meadowview Parkway). Turn right. Take the first left after the stoplight to enter the Kingsport Aquatic Center parking lot.

1. The Diving portion of the meet will consist of an 11-dive contest

2. The Swimming portion of the meet is a preliminary-finals format.  All swimmers will swim their individual events in the morning session.  The top 16 will swim again at night to determine places and team points.  The consolation heat (# 9-16) will swim first at night, and those swimmers can score no higher than 9th place.  The championship heat (# 1-8) will swim next, and those swimmers can place no lower than 8th (unless DQ’d). 

3. Relays:  All relays will swim only once. All "A" relays will swim in the finals session and score points based on their overall placing.  A team from either heat may win the event.

4. In between prelims and finals, it is important to rehydrate, refuel and rest!  To that end, we will go to the Heart Center to eat lunch and rest between prelims and finals.  Athletes should bring sleeping bags/blankets, pillows, etc, to make themselves comfortable.  It is important that this time be used to rest and prepare for finals.  You may bring quiet activities with you (reading, homework, iPods, etc).  Those swimmers not participating in finals must also remain sedate out of respect for the finalists. 

            The booster club will generously provide lunch.  If you have special dietary needs, you may need to make arrangements for special foods to be brought from home.

5. Those swimmers who do not make finals should plan to participate by supporting their teammates, cheering, etc.  This is a Championship Meet and team support is very important to our success.  Also, it is a great opportunity to become familiar with the meet in order to be more comfortable next year when you do make finals ;-).

6.  The morning swimming session will last around 3-3.5 hours.  The evening finals session about 3 hours (my best guesses).  You should bring some healthy snacks and drinks with you for use during the sessions.

7. After finals:   We will have a team dinner in Johnson City, and then return to Freedom Hall

8. Those returning with parents may be signed out either (1) at the KAC after the awards presentations or (2) at the team dinner.

9. There will be a team meeting before practice on Monday, Jan 22Everyone should attend.  Those athletes going to State, participating in the Last Chance Meet, and those continuing with their training through the Barracuda Swim Club will get in the water for a light practice after the meeting.  Those not attending the State Meet should return their clean team uniforms at this time.  (Note: Failure to return your team uniform will result in an obligation attached to your school account)


Parents: We may be asked to provide timers during the meet. If everyone chips in, no one will have spend too much time behind the blocks.
Admission to the event (both prelims and finals) will be charged.   Heat sheets will be available for sale
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