Team News.

Team News

3 days ago @ 3:57PM

LBMS Team Banquet

TEAM DESSERT BANQUET: After much research and consternation, I think we've found a day that presents the least amount of conflicts with other school activities.

We will hold our Team Dessert Banquet on Monday, December 18, at 6:30 PM in the LBMS cafeteria (The cafeteria is in Freedom Hall Pool, lower level).

Families are asked to bring a dessert to share and whatever they personally wish to drink.  (Have eaten a healthy meal prior to the dessert banquet!)

Come join us as we celebrate our successful season!

Team News

4 weeks ago @ 3:27PM

LBMS Schedule Change

Due to a conflict at Virginia Middle School, the meet scheduled for Oct 23 has been moved to November 14, with a 6:30 PM start.

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4 weeks ago @ 3:45PM

SHHS Hotel Reservations

Some parents and families are planning to travel with the team for the December meet in Christiansburg and the State Championship in Knoxville.  I have reserved a block of rooms for parents at both locations.  You will need to contact the hotel directly by the reservation deadline and guarantee your room with a credit card if you want one.

December Meet in Christiansburg, VA
Hampton Inn - Christiansburg (540-381-5874)  December 1, 2017
$99 + tax
Reservation Deadline - Nov 19

State Championship Meet
Hampton Inn - Alcoa (865-983-1101)  February 7-10, 2018
$89 + tax
Reservation Deadline - Jan 17

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1 month ago @ 1:51AM

SHHS/LBMS Travel Procedures

For team travel, procedures have been developed for the safety of the athletes and the integrity of the competition. Please familiarize yourself with them. If you have any questions, see Coach Chris.

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2 months ago @ 12:17PM

Required Forms

Required Forms: Certain forms are required before an athlete may participate in practices (including weight lifting and dryland) or meets.  Forms can be found by clicking on the "Forms" tab, above, or by clicking HERE.

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6 days ago @ 4:56PM

Practice Schedule Changes Again

We have just been informed that the pool flooring company and the city have come to an agreement as to what needs to be done at Freedom Hall Pool in order to make the deck safer. Unfortunately, it involves shutting down the pool again while the floor is redone. Again, the Park Department has been very generous in allowing us to use the Memorial Park Pool while the work is going on. However, this schedule change is happening Wednesday, Novemebr 14 - Thursday, November 23.

Here is the schdule for that time period (again, this involves BSC, SHHS, and LBMS):
3:15 - 5:00 PM    Seniors, High School, and PreSeniors/Middle School normally in Lane 4
5:00 - 6:00 PM    PreSeniors/Middle School normally in Lanes 1-2-3, Sliver, Blue, Green Groups

5:00-7:00 AM    Tuesday and Thursday  Seniors
5:00-7:00 AM    Mon-Wed-Fri    Masters

Divers - working on alternatives - See Coach Judy

Any questions be sure to ask your coach.

Again, sorry for any inconveniences.

Coach Chris